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AT_ about the WIndow Project's current exhibitions: Group show "In Search of the Miraculous" at the Moma Tbilisi and Maxime Machaidze's solo exhibition "AIRMAX925" at the Window Project gallery.
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PRESS_INDIGO_In Search Of the Miraculaus

Indigo Magazine about the Moma Tbilisi and the Window Project collaboration for the group show "In Search of the Miraculous"
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PRESS_ARTAREA_Vasil Macharadze

ARTAREA bout Vasil Macharadze's show "Look From My Perspective" in collaboration with the Post Digital Dreams and the Window Project.
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Maxime Machaidze

“...The libraries of combinations standing in the wind like vending machines of stars.”

The Window Project gallery presents Maxime Machaidze’s solo exhibition AirMax925. It puts on display a long-term research process and its results in a form of objects found and collected at different periods of time, “toys”, accessories and garments. The show focuses on pawnshops and vending machines, which thanks to the application of special software allow the customers to purchase the goods and experiences. In some cases, the software generates a surprise act leaving the visitors with no option to know what item they will be able to buy. Interactive works give the audience a chance to get involved in the creative process and at the same time transform it into a research object itself.

EVENT_Post.Digital.Dreams Look From My Perspective

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Vasili Macharadze
Look From My Perspective, 2019
Interactive VR I video installation

With the intervention in a public space, perspectives are exchanged, distorted, symbioses between viewer and buildings are created. The work forms the stage for an experiment with perspectives and points of view, based on its architectural relativity.

EVENT_Crosscurrents 2 talk

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January 25, at 6:00 pm
Window Project gallery will host a meeting with artists of the exhibition Crosscurrents 2 to discuss the current show.
Moderator: Givi Saralidze.
Artists: Teo Maspindzelashvili, Giorgi Vardiashvili, Ioana Tsulaia, Marie Kalabegashvili, Salome Tinikashvili, Teo Khmaladze.

PRESS_Georgia Today_Crosscurents2

Georgia Today about the group show Crosscurents2 at the Window Project.
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EVENT_Crosscurrents 2

Group show of VA[A]DS students.
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Emerging Georgian creatives

Shotiko Aptsiauri
Salome Chigilashvili
Maxime Machaidze /Anka Bochorishvili
Situationist /Giorgi Geladze
Gigi Shukakidze

Curated by Irena Popiashvili and Marcus Fairs
September 26 – November 16, 2019
Opening reception: Thursday, September 26, 7-10 PM

This exhibition is a result of an observation of the Georgian cultural scene where artists, designers of all types, musicians and architects are all hanging out together, collaborating, partying, blurring the traditional boundaries between disciplines, doing a bit of everything, not worrying about labels or critics or anything much but just exploring, working, being.

The exhibition includes a series of collaborations. Soviet car hoods by designer Max Machaidze feature delicate drawings by artist Anka Bochorishvili. Fashion label Situationist’s Irakli Rusadze carefully constructs clothes and shoes that are later worked on by artist Giorgi Geladze, who adds text paintings and doodles.

Other works include Salome Chigilashvili's embroidered parquet floor pieces; architect Gigi Shukakidze's sinking garage installation video; and artist Shotiko Aptsiauri's makeshift stone altar with symbolic clay icons and paintings.

The Crosscurrents exhibition at Window Project Gallery is an attempt to reflect the creative scene in Georgia today. The participants of the exhibition are in the process of self-defining themselves conceptually in relation to the local cultural traditions as well as trying to place their work within the context of the global contemporary art, design and architecture scene.

As Marcus Fairs noted after a visit to Tbilisi: “They appear to be making work with a distinct flavor that reflects Georgia today: beautiful, calm yet fiercely independent; confidently individualistic, a little weird, neither Europe nor Asia but something in between; with ancient roots. The work displays a yearning to be part of the global conversation and proud of the new-found attention of the wider world, which has belatedly discovered Georgia's extraordinary landscapes, cuisine and more; but also exhibiting a complex relationship with its Soviet past that is both nostalgic and playfully exploitative of its potential for creative salvage. It feels like punk without the anger or the nihilism. It feels like a movement, and a moment.”

EVENT_Blinding Game

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Window Project presents Shotiko Aptsiauri’s installation “BLINDING GAME”.
June 23, 9 PM , at Rustaveli 37 location (public art vitrine)

This is the artist’s second collaboration with the war museum from the village Ergneti. In this work the artist places the museum objects in a completely different context to tell diverse stories of the August 2008 war. Like in innocent children’s games here Aptsiauri plays with color, text, and composition. However displayed texts and objects also offer a certain allegory of political games that lead us to blindness and at the same time serve as the eye-openers.

The objects, which are presented in a window of central Tbilisi, are created of bullets, fire, and shells. They are preserved at a distance of 50 meters from the occupation line and 110 km from the display window located in Tbilisi.

We join civil protest through art and condemn Russian occupation.