About Us

Window Project is a contemporary gallery based in Tbilisi, Georgia showing works of Georgian and international artists.

The gallery mainly is focused to promote young Georgian artists as well as showing works of a "forgotten" older generation to contribute to the dialogue between the past and the present.

The first project – was launched in 2013 in an alternative exhibition space – at an empty window display of the Pantomime Theatre located on Rustaveli avenue to support local artists specializing in the art of the post-soviet regime period, mainly young artists together with internationally well-known names. The main purpose of the concept- gallery in the window display - was to make art public and available.
In 2018 Window Project opened a new exhibition space where artists and curators are invited for various projects.

In October 2020 Window Project gallery opened its first pop-up space at the center of the contemporary art cube.moscow

The gallery is focused on creating long term negotiations with artists, public and private institutions, and art lovers. Developing a strong, cognitive art community with common values and aspirations.
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