Aleksi Soselia "Cultural Games"

Window Project and Tbilisi City Hall present a new “galley in vitrine” project by Aleksi Soselia. "Cultural Games" is a series of work, which is a pop-cultural visual interpretation of the current Georgian historical values, identity (wine culture). The 3 sculptures created in collaboration with Window Project Gallery are displayed differently from the previous “gallery in vitrine” projects; located in the public space of the city- renovated Orbeliani Square, are a synthesis of the gallery and the sculpture. The concept of the work is the permanent changeability of content in the architectural format of a sculpture. Nowadays, only a few galleries are available for young artists in Tbilisi, and the information often does not reach the general public. Therefore, the work serves to present contemporary art dynamics to the public. Dynamically variable exhibitions, with various sculpture content, will become a creative transit space available to a different audience. Aleksi Soselia is a curator and artist. 2011 he graduated from the informal master’s program of Center of Contemporary art-Tbilisi. Working at CCA-T since 2012. His main projects are connected to social changes, future perspectives and researching possible resources for conceptual, Idea-based changes. Aleksi is co-founder of the first Georgian Video Art Archive - open platform and database of Georgian contemporary video artists. From 2018 until now he is actively involved in the creation and development of the first ART AND INNOVATION HUB in the Caucasus. Was curating and organizing projects such as Georgian Moving Image exhibition in Frankfurt Book Fair, Goteburg, and Tbilisi, also co-curating Tbilisi Second and third Triennials and “Rivers Magic Garden” Tbilisi. Since 2018 Aleksi is working on an educational platform for developing children and youth, developing new conceptual books for schools (“Parallel Class”). The main field of his interests in education, social changes, and transformations, searching for new ways of synergy between different mediums of contemporary art. Aleksi is a member of artistic collective INCHINA. In 2019 Aleksi established Gallery-Warehouse since then the project is a mix of an opportunity and initiative of young contemporary artists.