Emerging Georgian Creatives | CROSSCURRENTS 2

Exhibition Curators : Givi Saralidze and Mariam Kurdadze The participants of the exhibition: Sandro Anchabadze, Vato Bakradze, Aleksandre Beglarishvili, Benedict Buckle, Giorgi Vardiashvili, Salome Tinikashvili, Tatuli Tutisani, Iyoyaio Io, Marine Kandelaki, Teo Masp, Mariam Mestvirishvili, Alice Morey, Fafo Fachuashvili, Mari Kalabegasjvili, Iona Tsulaia, Elene Khvedaguridze, Teo Khmaladze, Anano Janashia.

Gallery “Window Project” presents group exhibition of VA[A]DS students called #Crosscurrents2. #Crosscurrents is a name of series of exhibitions done by young artists. The name is largely related to the VA[A]DS alumni Giorgi Geladze’s work named “Sulakhalia” (always new). The name has the meaning of eternal changes and innovations in life and art. The exhibition features works by students, young artists of VA [A] DS. The exhibition brings together and emphasizes the importance of visual styles and materials used side-by-side. Each work featured on the exhibition is individual and unique. However, they have many things in common, for instance, traditional forms are not used, colors are limited, and installations are created from old, useless things. 

Students of London Chelsea Collage, Benedict Buckle, Iyoyaio Io and Alice Moore, alongside with VA[A]DS students participated in the exhibition. For them, it is a first exhibition abroad.