Salome Machaidze

Salome Machaidze is a Georgian artist and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. In 1993 She studied Stage Design at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, graduated in 1995 with a degree in Fine Arts. In Georgia, she had solo exhibitions and was part of the artist's group GOSLAB. She worked as a set designer for the Film Actors Theater and was part of the controversial art movement in Georgia during the age of Perestroika in 90's. She graduated from UDK (Berlin University of Arts) in the year 2000 with a degree in visual communication. In 2002, she studied experimental media at UDK (Berlin University of Art) receiving her master's in 2005. Her thesis, the feature-length experimental movie "Trigger Tiger" screened at the Voklsbühne Theater in Berlin. Salome Machaidze's works have been exhibited and screened in Georgia, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, and Austria.