SALOME MACHAIDZE | Vancouverian Vendetta

... it is Vancouverian Vendetta, it’s golden like Tangerine sunrise…

Feelings are changing, words are changing… We are transforming… we will have Vancouverian flying carpets and we will disappear…. “Vancouverian Vendetta” is the idealistic and paradoxical vision about changing ecology and earth conditions: “The Vancooverian rebellion huckers on motorcycles decided to use non- biodegradable plastic bags instead of paper to create art, write history and create database that will never fade, disappear, evaporate or vanish. By doing so, the “Vancooverian huckers” created high demand on plastic bags and encouraged the plastic bag suppliers to cease the plastic bag export around the world by substituting them with organic paper bag exports. Consequently, this form of “Vancooverian rebellion huckers on motorcycles” protest made a positive impact on climate change by increasing the value on plastic bags through art and decreasing supply of non-biodegradable plastic bags around the world”.

Market of words and objects ... Mixed materials used to describe the controversy of world’s culture. Personal life as public account, eclectic cultural hybrid constructions of personal database, and historical archives, painting as conversation and love letters.

Works are done in mixed media, based on forms and structures of finding new skills, transcriptions, linguistic solutions and power to defeat the up-to-date emptiness. Future systems of existence and self-understanding developed in new ways...

Materiality is a central theme throughout these works.

Finding depth in such easily dispensed objects of our daily lives is manifested in Salome’s focus on the layering of her found objects, incasing them and embodying the very materials as indispensable luxuries—a new class of desires degenerated by fashioning them into rarities of appearance. Emoji-fueled iPhone screenshots, videos, self portraits found throughout the exhibition embody this very sense of deducing disposability into desirability.

Salome’s work begs to question of our future as a consumed society, and above all, bring to attention that it is not only material objects we have created into commodified objects, but of our advancement into the commodifying of each other. Salome uses only low cost non-recycled unfriendly materials and transforming them into art objects.

Salome Machaidze is a Georgian artist and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. In 1993 She studied Stage Design at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, graduated in 1995 with a degree in Fine Arts. In Georgia she had solo exhibitions and was part of the artist's group GOSLAB. She worked as a set designer for the Film Actors Theater, and was part of the controversial arts movement in Georgia during the age of Perestroika in 90's. She graduated from UDK (Berlin University of Arts) in year 2000 with a degree in visual communication. In 2002, she studied experimental media at UDK (Berlin University of Art) receiving her masters in 2005. Her thesis, the feature-length experimental movie "Trigger Tiger" screened at the Voklsbühne Theater in Berlin. Salome Machaidze's works have been exhibited and screened in Georgia, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, and Austria.