Irina Tevzadze "Uni Moyen"

“Uni” is short for uniform, unisex, universal, and unity. It is a prefix that embodies harmony, inclusivity, and oneness to the world. “Moyen” is a french word that means average. The idea came from a sociological and legal concept of “l’homme moyen,” which translates to “the average man” and describes a person that is characterized by the most common motivations a human has within society. Uni Moyen emerges as the interplay of all these meanings. “Uni Moyen represents everything that gives me joy on a visceral level— seeing it automatically triggers that feeling. Uni Moyen also bring joy on an intellectual level, as I learn more about myself and tell more complete personal story. It is a kind of “cycle” of human joy.”-says Irina Tevzadze. Works in this series are scenes that show human figures in their natural elegance, unadulterated by artificial things, and being Uni Moyen.