Tamara K.E. | Regret

Window Project is pleased to announce “Regret”, Tamara K.E.’s first solo show in Tbilisi and with the gallery. On view are the series “Farewelling Junkyard“ and “Remnants of the Glaring Day”, featuring sculptural interventions.

„Yes, any belief in meanings and truth has been abolished. Modern philosophy and quantum mechanics have left us — groundless, suspended in mid-air, bewildered by freedom, drunken, and discontent.

The advanced mindset of creative people already has embedded this in the structure of consciousness, and from our remote suspension, we now observe the phenomena of the world - history, epistemes, social movements, struggles, excesses, and even science and philosophy itself.

Yes, humans today are facing an abyss called Singularity.

An artist of such modern consciousness as Tamara K.E. draws a precise conclusion from this position of suspension: Humanity has lived in delirium and spreads it around even today – this delirium is self-sufficient, monadic creation, as beautiful as an ornament, dynamic and wild like Baroque arabesques - but it never has any connection with the overall signifier. The myth of the absurd propagates itself as an eyewitness of itself — this is the artist's conclusion! Here, in her works, ideologies and concepts, beliefs and superstitions, discourses and gestalts all become just a blur of beauty that touches you but never makes true sense. Everything together creates an extra rich and at the same time elegant kaleidoscope of delirium, which today's mind already perceives as a part of the past and history, and sees itself as an observer somehow connected to it...“

Text: Gia Edzgveradze