Koka Ramishvili

Koka Ramishvili was born in 1956 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In his multimedia-based work which includes video, painting, drawing, photography, objects, and installation, the Geneva-based artist Koka Ramishvili consistently pursues those issues which he has been concerned with ever since the beginnings of his career: What is it that makes a picture a picture? How do different artistic genres relate to this matter? And how can the borderlines between categories, in general, be eliminated? Especially his works from the 1990s often take a political actuality as a starting point, as Ramishvili belonged to the so-called «last Soviet generation» of artists who initiated a vivid art scene in Tbilisi from 1991 on. Subsequently, he became a major trailblazer and reference for younger artists. Furthermore, Ramishvili gained international attention when he represented Georgia at the Venice Biennial in 2009.