SITUATIONIST_Unseen Heritage

Window Project presents Situationist’s installation, which includes one object “Wagged in the frame: Yellow” and a photo by Davit Giorgadze "Eyes of yours as deep as those blues in a silver water”, at Rustaveli 37 location.

December 7 –January 18, 2021

Work is part of the exhibition “Unseen Heritage”, which was presented at Tbilisi National Gallery.

“Unseen Heritage” represents the identity of the brand and reveals a special approach we have towards garment making. Each piece is unique and tells an individual story in their own way. They need to exist not only inside the wardrobe but in different places, with different significance. The collections presented not classically on a human body but as objects that carry traditional, and at the same time unconventional significance. The exposed works are in different mediums, from two-dimensional framed garments to photographs and video installations. The pieces aim to reveal the importance and a true value of our heritage, our country, and its people, who themselves portray a present or a future heritage. The runway show is not the only and the best way to reveal the garments, which has gone a long way to achieve the state of sophistication. The current climate has made us aware that the fashion world, with its fast way of production, needs to take it slow. Sometimes messages get lost; identity becomes just a part of fast-fashion demand. Garments are key to identity, and consumerism, where clothes are appreciated for just a short while and then forgotten as soon as we are confronted by a shiny new trend, is unacceptable. We highlight each piece individually, focusing on the special craftsmanship and artisanship that integrates the past into the future.”- Situationist