Guela Tsouladzé_Variations of the Soul

Variations of the Soul Dedicated to Niko Pirosmanashvili’s work August 1-September 30, 2020 Sh.Rustaveli ave.37, Tbilisi, Georgia Window Project presents Gela Tsuladze’s work from the series Variations on the Topic of the Souls. It will be on the display at the art window of 37 Rustaveli avenue for a period of two months. The work was made on oilcloth the same way as the largest part of Niko Pirosmanashvili’s drawings. In his imagination, the artist developed a story of how Pirosmani decided to use a black oilcloth as the foundation of his paintings. At the beginning of the twentieth century when photography became more and more popular, Niko Pirosmani witnessed the process of photo printing when an image emerged from the darkness. Overwhelmed with the experience he later visited an inn where after being served a glass of Saperavi at the table covered with the black oilcloth, he understood that he could use the material for drawing the light the same way as it happened in the case of photo printing. Pirosmani could this way compete with the new medium. Gela Tsuladze who has been inspired by this imaginary image also decided to draw on the oilcloth to cover it with colorful light spots. He decided to create a series of works that resonate with the atmosphere of Pirosmani’s drawings.