Giorgi Khaniashvili

August 20 – September 7, 2013 Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project is pleased to present From the 90s Erotic Film Posters to Giorgi Khaniashvili’s Venuses Giorgi Khaniashvili’s first encounter with art started with making copies of photos from the yellow press, erotic films and porn magazines. These images stayed with him and to some extent defined his visual language. The images became to signify that unique period when the iron curtain came down and some new, unknown cultural and visual products poured into the Soviet reality. This is an era when the two worlds - former Soviet and new savage capitalism - coexisted in a strange hybrid form. Giorgi Khaniashvili believes, that “this eclecticism and total tolerance to anything are the basic principles of his art… That’s why my sculptures bear resemblance to antique sculptures, have facial features of Byzantine archangel and have shameless and intrusive presence characteristic to the images from yellow press and porn magazines.” The erotic film posters from 1990-95 by Arsen Beriashvili were hand painted for the Apollo movie theatre. The poster presented in the window is a product of the same hybrid culture. There is an interesting historical and artistic context between Giorgi Khaniashvili’s Venuses from 2010-11 and Beriashvili’s posters. Here too, Soviet poster art merges with a new iconography of erotic films resulting in intriguing combination of value systems.